There are many pizza varieties, but if you haven’t tasted Neapolitan-style pizza yet, then you are missing out. Known for its perfect crust and excellent toppings, Neapolitan pizza is the best style ever invented. Neapolitan pizza has distinctive qualities and characteristics when compared to other types of pizzas.

So, what is the fuss about Neapolitan pizza?

Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes, but Neapolitan pizza doesn’t. A good pizza is not about volume and grease. It’s all about the quality of the ingredients and great flavour. This is where the Neapolitan pizza outweighs the rest of the pizza types. This type of pizza is prepared with fresh ingredients, including basic dough, mozzarella cheese, raw tomatoes, fresh basil, and olive oil.

Of course, no fancy toppings, but you will enjoy the flavour of each ingredient that tingles your taste buds with every bite of Neapolitan pizza. One of the unique characteristics of this style of pizza is that there is more sauce than cheese. This leaves the centre part of the pie soggy and tasty. In fact, Neapolitan pizza is unique in the preparation that goes behind the way it is prepared with fresh ingredients.

You could drench your Pizza in tomato sauce and get enough flavour with San Marzano sauce. But, you cannot match the taste of Neapolitan pizza offered at the pizza places in Vaucluse, even with an excellent deep dish or New York-style pizza.

The quality ingredients, dough preparation, cooking methods, use of tomatoes and cheese are the things that make Neapolitan pizza unique.

Different types of Neapolitan-style pizza

Pizza Margherita                                

It is considered the traditional Neapolitan-style pizza. Pizza Margherita is made from cow’s milk, extra-virgin olive oil, basil, and tomatoes. A few pizzerias opt for Mozzarella di Buffalo, which is made from buffalo milk. The mozzarella used in this cheese is broken or freshly sliced and not grated like the one used in other pizza styles which makes it taste better.

Pizza Bianca

Pizza Bianca is a type of Neapolitan-style pizza topped with olive oil, rosemary, and garlic. It is the ideal choice for people who are looking for frills-free delight.

Pizza Marinara

Pizza Marinara is a style of Neapolitan pizza topped with only extra-virgin oil, tomatoes, oregano, and garlic. Marinara pizza is similar to Margarita pizza but made without cheese. A pizza without cheese may seem wrong, but it really tastes good. Cheese is left in order to highlight the flavours of oregano, garlic, olive oil, and tomato sauce. It is an excellent choice for those who don’t like cheese but want to enjoy Italian cuisine.

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