The current trend and popularity of Oriental food have been increasing over the past year on an international level. It doesn’t matter how you like to eat your fish whether it is Shashi me style flash tried or raw everything can fit into the Sushi roll. There was a time when raw fish Sushi rolls were frowned upon in Western countries but now the increasing popularity of Sushi has made it universally accepted. Sushi Inc. is becoming popular in the United States and you can find more than 3000 restaurants all over the country which will tell you about its increasing popularity

The origin of Sushi

While everybody thinks that it was created in Japan for the first time, it is not true. Even though Japan is well known for Sushi as its capital and for introducing these wonderful days to the travellers and the whole world you can trace them to a Chinese dish named narezushi.

 In the second century, the dish originated which was considered fermented rice and salted fish. Even if you think that it was fermented on purpose, that wasn’t the case. Earlier it got fermented because there wasn’t any cold storage available to prevent fermentation but later this very practical day became a part of culture. The face was heavily salted to prevent any bacterial growth and the rise used to throw out while eating because it was a kind of shield to prevent the fish from rotting.

How does it reach Japan?

This log of this beautiful dish travelling to Japan was found in the 8th century when the reference to Sushi was seen in the scriptures. Later the dish started to be modified when the Japanese started to eat rice by boiling instead of fermenting it with rice vinegar.

By the middle 18th century Sushi was popular in famous restaurants like Matsunozushi, and Yoheizushi.  That time the Sushi wasn’t the way it was now. They were served in larger pieces because of the lack of a refrigerator. Later Yohei made a change by tossing rice in a little bit of vinegar placing fish on the top and making it into small bites. It becomes portable, easy delicious and affordable. This was the starting journey to leave in the western country for Sushi.

Sushi and its popularity

With the migrants of Japan in the 1900s it reached Western countries but World War 2 was the milestone of Sushi popularity. When Japan became an open country they helped to reach Sushi all over the world, especially in America where there were a lot of restaurants by the 1960s for Sushi. The Americans keep on experimenting with a lot of flavour combinations to make it appealing and even add a lot of different types of meat instead of just fish to make it more suitable for other taste palates.


Sushi has entered classy diners by going through a lot of adventures. Being the staple of Japan for years and the innovation made by them make it accepting of change which was the most important reason for its popularity.