Drinking Jamu

Few things are more universally beloved throughout the human condition than healthy, enjoyable beverages. Sure, we all have our fair share of guilty pleasures, as well, but the fact of the matter remains that some of the best-tasting drinks out there are also some of the best for us from a health standpoint. Tea, for example, has become essential for drinkers around the worlds, with celebrated art and cultural traditions centred around them flourishing everywhere from England, India, China, and Japan.

That being said, for every world-famous tea-level drink out there, still more healthy drinks slip under people’s radars, as is the case with jamu. One of the Southern Hemisphere’s best-kept secrets, jamu is a tasty, healthy drink that’s been enjoyed for centuries in Southeast Asia and is just now starting to get the attention it deserves in Australian and Western marketplaces.

What is Jamu?

So, to get right to it – what is jamu? As stated, it’s an age-old beverage that’s brewed from a variety of roots, fruits, leaves, flowers, and seeds found in Java, Indonesia, and like areas. In addition, honey, royal jelly, and milk can be added to give it a touch of sweetness. In the same way there’s an endless array of different types of tea, so, too, are there a number of different types of jamu.

The Benefits of Drinking Jamu

In addition to its unique herbal, sweetened taste, one of the biggest benefits of drinking jamu is the fact that it is associated with numerous health benefits. For example, its inclusion of ginger and turmeric can allow you enjoy everything from a boost of energy to added antioxidants. In addition, drinking jamu can help you cut down on inflammation given its status as an anti-inflammatory. Then there’s the question of helping you recover from illness. To again compare the two, in the same way tea is often drunk by those looking to recover from illness, jamu is drunk by those looking to recover from colds and coughs. In both cases, you can enjoy a definite boost from both a medical and simply psychological standpoint. Drinking jamu has the power to put you in a great state of mind.

Going Low Sugar

We are in the midst of a revolution in terms of both food and drink across the world – namely, a reevaluation of sugar. For centuries, sugar has been one of the most prized commodities. Now, however, we’re beginning to realise that too much of a good thing can indeed be bad and that sugar in such quantities can have extremely negative side effects. This makes alternatives to soda such as tea and, yes, jamu all the more attractive. Jamu low sugar drinks are thus some of the hottest items on the beverage market today.

Enjoy the taste of something new, fresh, healthy, and reinvigorating with well-cultivated jamu today.