If you are thinking of holding a private dining event in one of the most famous Michelin starred restaurants in your area, then you should consider these simple tips to make sure that you plan the perfect event for your guests. Whatever the reason for holding such an event in a special place, you should always try to create an atmosphere that people will remember. Indeed, if you are planning to hold a celebration or an anniversary you should make sure that your invited guests will remember the event for years as a result of enjoying the atmosphere as well as the food and drink. If you want to make sure you create the best experience for your guests in a private dining setting, you should follow these simple tips to create the perfect experience.


Book in advance

With all fine dining restaurants, especially Michelin Star restaurants in Reading, you should always make sure that you book a table or function-room early so you are not disappointed. In addition, by booking early you also have the best choice of available rooms as well as the full selection of the time of the day you want to hold your event. Furthermore, you should also consider whether your event will be falling on a public holiday while you can also ask for a discount if you want to book a large function during the low season.

Co-ordinate your event

Furthermore, hosting a private dinner is about the entire experience for the guests, not just ensuring the quality of the food and the wine. Indeed, if you want complete confidence that your dining experience will go according to your specific plan, then you should talk to an events coordinator who can help you understand how to make your dinner go according to plan. If you need any special requests for your dinner, then they can be arranged by the events co-ordinator providing there is enough notice for the kitchen to provide these special arrangements to your requirements.

Visit the venue

Another simple trick that you can follow to make sure you plan the perfect private dinner party at a Michelin star restaurant is to visit the venue beforehand to make sure it is suitable for the size of your dinner party. In addition, if you visit the venue and communicate your requirements to an event co-ordinator then can assist you with the choice of types of table, table wear or cutlery for your specific requirements.

Ask for assistance

When you are thinking of planning a private dining experience, you should also consider the dietary requirements of your guests. Indeed, if any of your close family members, friends or other guests has specific dietary requirements, then you should convey these to the events co-ordinator at the venue as soon as possible. Furthermore, you could ask for assistance from food and wine experts who can help you to pair the food elements of your menu with the appropriate wines to make sure your guests enjoy the best possible experience.

Make sure you choose to reserve the best venue for a private dining experience by contacting your local Michelin star restaurant as soon as possible.