A huge part of the story of modern Thailand is the impact that the travel and tourism industry has had on the country. With so many people coming to Thailand, it has forced local hotels and outposts of international chains to up their game. For visitors looking to come to Thailand for business or pleasure, this has been nothing short of a boon, as these hotels make pleasure their business. By reinvesting in their products and services, these hotel chains have sought to create fantastic hotel spaces for those visiting places such as Pattaya.

Thai Hotel

To that end, here are five different hotel features you’ll be able to enjoy at the finest hotels in Pattaya.

  1. Comfortable Rooms

First and foremost, you want to be sure that you have a comfortable place to lay your head for the evening. The best hotels in Pattaya offer comfortable rooms at great rates. Whether you are looking to book a traveler’s single room, a business suite, or larger set of rooms for your whole family, the best hotels in Pattaya have something for you. Their rooms and interiors are done with a mixture of Thai and modern design.

  1. Pools and Family Entertainment

Poolside fun is a great way to beat the heat in Thailand. Whether you are traveling on your own or with family members, pools and the accompanying poolside bars and restaurants are, thus, a great part of the Thai hotel experience. If you are indeed traveling with family members, you’ll want to check out poolside family entertainment areas.

  1. Great Places to Eat

Thai food is a huge part of the culture, and a great way for those visiting Thailand to “get a taste” of the “local flavor” of life here. The best hotels in the Pattaya area offer authentic Thai dishes at restaurants within their facilities. In addition, they offer fantastic breakfast options, including the best buffet in Pattaya.

  1. Wedding Halls

Are you looking to tie the knot in Thailand? If so, these hotels can make for a startlingly good place for foreign tourists to do just that. With their affordability and accessibility, these hotels are some of the easiest options for foreign tourists looking to get married in Thailand. Their distinctly Thai interiors, as well as the option to have your wedding catered with freshly prepared traditional Thai wedding dishes, make it feel that much more authentic.

  1. Executive Clubs

In Pattaya for a day or two on a business meeting? Traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to Thailand on business can be exhausting. The best hotels in the Pattaya area, thus, make it easy on their business clients, offering them executive clubs in which they can unwind. You’ll be able to order drinks, great meals, take in the ambience, forget the facts and figures for a whole, and potentially meet and network with other A-type businesspeople here for the same reason.

Book your next stay in Pattaya the right way with one of the best hotels in the region.