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It is impossible to design your bar/restaurant well if you don’t know your target customers. No restaurant or bar can be successful unless it understands its customer base and attracts them. The following tips may help you identify your potential customers. 

Location and Demographics

The location of your restaurant or bar is one of the biggest determinants of your potential customer base. Think about it in the initial planning stage as it is critical to the success of your business. Consider the demographics of the customers in the location you choose. This includes their age, marital status, and economic status. If, for example, your bar or restaurant is in a location with lots of families, it makes sense to have large seating. 

Do not choose a location for your bar or restaurant before doing your research. If you have a casual restaurant in a shopping center, you are likely to attract families and teens. If you have a bar in the middle of your business district, you are likely to attract professional adults. 


The theme you choose for your restaurant or bar may target specific groups of people. If, for example, you choose a sports theme, you are likely to attract local sports lovers. If you wish to attract a specific group, think about a theme that may attract them. Think about the population groups in your bar or restaurant location and choose the appropriate theme. 

Concept, Pricing and Menu Options

Your pricing and menu should match the type of customer-base you wish to attract. Think about your décor, lighting, food portions, and menu items. If, for example, you wish to attract older adults, avoid blaring TVs and loud music. Your menu should include healthy food, and the atmosphere has to be cool. If you wish to target your local sports crowd, consider using serving large portions and affordable drinks. Your décor should match their interests. 


Different marketing techniques appeal to different crowds. The way you choose to promote your bar or restaurant will determine the type of people you attract. If you wish to attract an older client-base, early bird specials or brunch offers are a great idea. If you wish to attract families, consider using kids-eat-free nights. 

Establishing your target audience right from the start is important because it can help you:

  • Identify your competitors
  • Identify your business differentiators
  • Review your business plan to ensure that it caters to your target market completely
  • Understand the demographics and psychographics of the population you wish to attract. 
  • Determine the type of clients that will organically be interested in your restaurant or bar 

Like any other business, knowing your target clients for your bar or restaurant can help you improve on the four P’s-the product, promotion, placement, and price. The target market has an influence on every aspect of your business plan. If you need help with your bar or restaurant design, consider seeking the help of Dawnvale. The company focuses on maximizing profits, promoting operational flow, function, and efficiency. 

Make sure you are tracking the right restaurant analytics to help understand what your business needs and make the most out of your culinary experience with the tips below.

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