The Full Bodied CigarRelaxing with friends around a fire, having a drink and enjoying great conversations with friends is how most people would describe a perfect evening.

The only thing that makes it better is enjoying a good cigar and sharing them with others. They are a great conversation starter, because soon after someone smells the fragrance and tracks it back to the smoker, the question usually follows “what kind of cigar is that?”

The various blends such as vanilla honey or cafe espresso get attention because of the sweet aroma that most people can relate to, whether it is the hint of vanilla or the reminder of coffee.

Even though cigars are popular in the social scene, sometimes the only thing a person wants to do at the end of the day is to have a drink and enjoy the peace and quiet while being alone with a good cigar.

Choosing a Cigar

If you never bought a cigar because you didn’t know what to look for or how to choose one, try a cigar sampler. These are set up so you can choose by the body of mild, medium, or full. This is the strength of the flavor, and many people start out with a mild option.

There are also different gauges and lengths. If one doesn’t like how fat or thin a cigar feels, try a different size. If you don’t have a good cigar shop near where you live, you can also buy cigars online from different parts of the world.

Honduras, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic, are only a few places, but each one is unique in what it offers. Not all cigars from one specific country will be the same, because brands will make a difference, so try several different brands if that is a close taste to what is preferred. Start out with a build your own sampler and mix it up. One might be surprised at which blend of cigar they would choose.

Important Accessories

The accessories are just as important as the cigar. The cutter needs to be well made in order to properly cut off the head of the cigar and not pinch the sides shut. This allows a flow through the cigar to fully enjoy and experience the taste.

Home humidors keep the cigars stored in an environment that keeps them better protected. Not only are they beautiful because of the various woods, but they can also include humidifiers and hygrometers to ensure that the cigars are being stored within the best moisture content. This will help to regulate the conditions in the humidor to keep the cigars from becoming too wet or getting too dry.

For those who are on the go, traveling cases are available that will keep them stored and protected. Always make sure there is room to carry at least two cigars, because you never know who you will be sharing an interesting conversation and a great cigar with. Happy cigar shopping!