Bar Restaurant

Tips for Attracting the Right Customers to Your Bar/Restaurant

It is impossible to design your bar/restaurant well if you don’t know your target customers. No restaurant or bar can be successful unless it understands its customer base and attracts them. The following tips...
Summertime Snack

Simple Summertime Snack Ideas

Simple Summertime Snack Ideas Summer vacation means kids are home ALL. DAY. LONG. And kids are hungry ALL. DAY. LONG. If you’re looking for quick and easy snack ideas that will satisfy the endless appetites of your...
Italian Food

Italian Food – A Key to Good Health

With a rich history and a unique range of regional flavours, Italian cuisine is recognized as one of the most respected traditions in the culinary world. The best Italian restaurant in Vancouver uses fresh...
Wedding Caterers

The Role of the Wedding Caterers in Your Wedding

Wedding is the most memorable event, which is celebrated with colourful costumes, music and dance, beautiful decorations, high spirits, and most importantly, exotic food. And so everyone wishes that each and every aspect of...

The advantages and disadvantages of a hoverboard

Tired of using public transportation every day? Are you bored of wasting time in traffic? Or do you want to try a new funny activity in the park, with your friends? A hoverboard can...