Gather a group of people from Montreal around a table and conversation will eventually turn to language issues, the 1998 ice storm and of course food-related topics. Montreal’s food culture is becoming famous worldwide for its vibrant food culture as Quebec’s unique local culture is celebrated in many restaurants spread across the town. There is always a meal that can be turned into an instant feast here in Montreal. The culinary heritage in the city has its roots in France making it different from any other food culture in North America. The food culture here feels more European than American. So what makes this culinary identity unique? Below are some of Montreal’s specialties that can’t be found anywhere else.


There is nothing that identifies Montreal than its unique style bagels. Every single bagel sold here is sand handmade and cooked in a wood-burning oven after being poached in honey-infused water. The recipe itself guarantees quality and satisfaction from every piece of the bagel that you take. If you’re thinking about the best bagels in the world, then you can only imagine about Montreal’s bagels and nothing else.

“Bring Your Own Wine ’’Restaurants

Out of the numerous restaurants found in the city, you can’t ignore the “bring your own wine “restaurants that are mostly found in the plateau Mont-Royale. They allow clients to walk in with their own wine and only buy and enjoy it from their premises. Another group of such restaurants is found in old Montreal region and downtown.


Poutine is a delicious combination of sauce, cheese, and fries. The basic recipe of this sweet delicacy involves topping French fries with fresh cheese curds and then covering it with sauce or brown gravy. Poutine is usually offered with other additions such as bacon, chicken, or the Montreal-style smoked meat. Poutine Dulton is a variation of Poutine which is prepared from beef, sausages, and onions.

Smoked Meat

Forget about the Katz’s signature meat. Montreal’s smoked meat has less sugar, its all brisket, has more peppercorn and usually gets marinated for longer which gives it that sweet smelling scent and taste. The smoked meat is thinner, and its smoky and bold flavors provide minimal work for your jaws.

The Best Pizza in Montreal

Although bagels and Poutine are the most celebrated cuisines here, Pizza also deserves recognition. The city has some good pizza joints, and you won’t miss finding at least one pizza restaurant Montreal that offers both old-style classic crusts and sweet pies with modern twists and decorations.