Ido Fishman

When you are cooking a dish, there will be a lot of kitchen scraps left over. What do you do with them? Most people will just throw them in the trash and forget about them. However, this can actually be a mistake because there are some foods that can be used for something. Most people don’t even realize this and end up throwing away the scraps. Ido Fishman has discussed some of the items that shouldn’t be thrown away at any cost because they can be used for something else. What are they? These are mentioned here:

Freezing leftover parmesan rind for making parmesan broth

You should avoid throwing away your parmesan rinds because these precious ends are actually loaded with flavor and are the best way for boosting up soup, broth, and stock recipes.

Make seafood stock with frozen shrimp shells

If you want to extract all the flavor out of shrimp shells, Ido Fishman suggests that you make seafood stock with them. This flavorful liquid can come in handy for making curries, jambalaya, and paella and you can store it in your freezer for about three months.

Use shaved broccoli stalks for making a salad

In the food world, broccoli stalks are regarded as tender underdogs. You can try them out in salads, slaws, and stir-fry for discovering a completely new way of loving broccoli.

Freeze all vegetable scrap for making vegetable stock

One of the things Ido Fishman Chef suggests is that you can store all vegetable scraps and then use them for making vegetable stock. You can begin collecting onion skins, carrot tops and celery ends and uses them for making a DIY vegetable stock that can be a whole lot better than anything store-bought.

Use cream or milk for steeping banana peels

If you want to add some subtle banana flavor, Ido Fishman says that you only need to steep the banana peels in milk or cream and leave them overnight. They are the best way for you to make flavored desserts, whipped cream, and hot chocolate.

Use leftover fruit scraps for infusing vinegar

When you want your vinaigrettes to burst with flavor, all you have to do is infuse vinegar with the fruit scraps you are left with. Steeping them overnight can help you in making flavored vinegar. The fruity results are ideal for using in cocktails or making vinaigrettes.

Transform leftover wine into homemade vinegar

Do you have some leftover wine? Ido Fishman recommends that you make use of it by transferring it to a covered mason jar and add a splash of raw apple cider vinegar to it. This will take a couple of weeks, but soon your woeful wine will be transformed into some homemade vinegar that you can use for your cooking.

Make infused oils with fresh herb stems

The leftover stems from your fresh herbs can be transformed into flavorful infused oil, which is perfect for adding to vinaigrettes and pasta when you want a little punch.

Make jams and jellies with overripe fruits

Do you have any fruit that is past its prime? This doesn’t mean that you let it go to waste. Ido Fishman says that you can use it for making jam. This old-school solution can help you in minimizing food waste and is the ideal option for days when you are left with five pounds of uneaten strawberries.

Make luscious bone broth with leftover bones

You will have leftover bones from braises and roasts and these can be frozen for making succulent bone broth later on. Ido Fishman says that when you are ready to take on this project, you should roast these frozen bones in the oven quickly for enjoying the maximum flavor.

With the help of these tips, you can save a lot of the food that would have gone to waste otherwise.