An egg wash is said to be comprised of beaten eggs, liquids and salt at times. The egg wash is prepared to fulfill two functions described below:

It is applied on top of any food item to increase its appearance and improve its texture.


It is used as a glue to stick many things together.

Why is an egg wash used?

The egg wash is used for adhering the various elements and toppings in any recipe. For example, the egg wash is applied while preparing fried foods as a part of the breading process and where they allow the bread crumbs to stick.

In other recipes like bread preparations, the egg wash is used to help in holding the poppy seeds to the loaf. While preparing hand pies or empanadas the egg wash can also be used for creating a seal along the folded edges. The egg wash is applied to ensure that the fillings in the pies do not ooze out.

Egg wash used for visual enhancement:

The protein and fat in the eggs can improve the visual and texture appeal of baked goods. The protein present in the egg and its yolk creates the browning effect. As the fat present in yolk promotes the glossiness to the baked goods.

How is an egg wash prepared?

Egg: An egg wash can be prepared by using both the white and yolk portion of the egg or at times only the white or yolk. Let’s know about these three cases and its circumstances

  • If you are using the whole egg comprising of the egg white and yolk than your finished food is turn out to have a glossy sheen and browning too.
  • In case you use only egg yolk than there are not many changes in the finished food.
  • At last if you use just the egg white, then it will only promote browning of the foods and will not impart the glossy sheen.

Liquid: The ratio of liquid mixed with the egg to prepare the egg wash is one tablespoon per egg. The liquid used in the egg wash can make it thinner and can be applied easily. The liquid to be used in egg wash can be water, cream or milk. Cream or milk adds more fat and protein and can further increase the glossy effect of the food.

Salt: The salt does not only makes the food delicious but is used to make the egg thinner and retains its browning effects.

It is true that eggs make the baked foods perfect but if you are allergic to them, you can try any egg wash substitute to please your taste buds with same flavour. Try to check online for the substitutes as some of the best ones like Sunset glaze are easily available and can be stored for about 9 months in your refrigerators.