Smithfield Foods, Inc. recently reported the implementation of Smithfield Renewables, another stage with the companies development into cutting back on energy consumption, and take the industry lead and fortify its business as a driver towards decreasing carbon emissions. Smithfield foods will guarantee its companies will meet the ecological commitments and objective to lessen ozone-depleting emissions by 25 percent by 2025.Smithfield FoodsSmithfield started the trend in the food production industry awhile ago. By cutting back on its energy use and finding best ways to remain profitable in the process. Smithfield foods is coming out with a guarantee to keep leading the way and honing its environmental promises and goals.
The company has come far from its humble beginnings in 1936. It has become the largest pork producer in the World something Joseph Luter and his son probably didn’t envision in the early days. Just in the United State alone the company boosts over 500 farms and works with another 2000 independent farmer contractors. It’s amazing to see such a large company explore cutting back on it’s carbon emissions. To implement the plan across all its facilities will be a challenge. But the company isn’t backing down from the challenge by setting timelines.