YouTube has gained popularity in recent times, and it has become an excellent video platform. You can browse different categories of videos through YouTube. Among them, cooking videos are also available in plenty. It is also seen that cooking is among the most viewed contents on the platform.

Indian YouTubers earning through recipe videos

  1. Grandpa Kitchen – This is among the cooking channels in YouTube which is hosted by a 70-year-old grandpa. The food that he prepares in his channel is not only meant for the viewers on YouTube, but it also caters to Instagram and other social media users. In addition, it provides food for orphan kids. He is earning his living by preparing a wide category of foods such as French fries, seafood curries, pasta, cheese balls, omelets, and others. You will be surprised to know about his cooking skills with more than 3 million subscribers.
  2. Nisha Madhulika – With more than 1 316 video uploads, this YouTube channel is run by a 59-year-old woman. Dating back to 7 years, she uploaded her first cooking video on YouTube. Apart from recipes, she has featured famous recipe books by top chefs. She never liked any kind of promotions. Today, she is earning her livelihood through posting recipe videos on YouTube. Each of the recipes is explained thoroughly to make it easy for the viewers.
  3. Manjula’s Kitchen – Learn how to cook mouth-watering food through Manjula’s Kitchen. With more than 250 recipes and counting, you will get vegetarian and gluten-free dishes on this YouTube channel. This is another famous personality in YouTube who is earning by posting videos on YouTube. This page is full of simple and authentic Indian dishes.
  4. VanChef –He is another excellent chef who is doing wonders with simple recipes that tastes delicious. Apart from food recipes, he provides tips and techniques for cooking. He is also seen in several cookery shows featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Therefore, by going through his videos, you get to know about some latest cooking tips.

These are some of the basic reasons why people tend to watch cooking videos. When planning to open your YouTube channel and post recipe videos, you have to think out-of-the-box in order to get more subscribers for your channels. Since the competition is increasing rapidly, you have to think of the way in which you can get more viewers and subscribers for your channel.

  • Try out some interesting and innovative dishes that are new for the viewers
  • Try using common ingredients in the dishes so that viewers and subscribers can easily relate to it
  • Even if you are preparing a common dish, try to give it an interesting name. This way, you will be able to attract the attention of the viewers.
  • Also, narrate the ingredients used, and the preparation method is a simple language.

However, you have to give them reasons so that viewers wait for the videos. Make sure that the videos are understood both by viewers who understand English and Hindi language. In addition to this, you can encourage viewers to post Recipe related questions in hindi and English in the comment section of the video posted.

Reasons for watching any cooking video on YouTube

  • Cooking is an art, and it can be learned easily via videos on YouTube.
  • Cooking needs the practice to prepare the dishes with perfect.
  • It requires accuracy for the amount of ingredients to be used in every dish. However, this would help to enhance the taste of every dish.
  • By watching more cooking videos, you can explore new items and dishes.