Tired of using public transportation every day? Are you bored of wasting time in traffic? Or do you want to try a new funny activity in the park, with your friends? A hoverboard can be a good solution. Autonomous, economic, and ecological, this small playful device is full of advantages. But like all new technologies, it has some disadvantages. If you are interested in buying a self balancing hoverboard, then it is good to discover the advantages but also the weaknesses of this new way of traveling.

The main advantages:

Easy to use

You don’t have to be a professional to get on a hoverboard. A little practice will be enough to learn how to keep your balance. Then make light movements to orient the device. Once you feel comfortable on the board, the movement will be easier. You can initially try a hoverboard at leisure centers before you buy one.

Easy to buy

Highly desirable, the hoverboard is now available in various models, sizes, and prices. Also, you can easily and directly order online. It is advisable to buy a hoverboard from specialized companies, such as Smart Balance, to make sure you make a good investment.

Practical and economical

Much more than a simple vehicle, the hoverboard is very practical. It is a simple means of transport that will make your daily life easier, just like bicycles or scooters. Once loaded, a hoverboard can travel up to 15 kilometers at an average speed of 10 km / h. Some people even use it to get to work or school, if it is not very far. Therefore, this device is a good way to save fuel and transportation costs.

Compact and lightweight

Less bulky and much lighter than a scooter or electric scooter, the hoverboard will easily find its place in a closet or drawer during storage. These features also make it easy to transport to different locations.


In addition to being practical and useful, the hoverboard is a very fun device that will delight young people and adults alike. Thanks to the various models, you can use it with family, friends and you can enjoy the fun anywhere.


High cost

The main disadvantage of this device is its high cost. Most models are quite expensive, but it is not recommended to choose the simplest model. At Smart Balance, you will find many variously colored models, at a convenient budget for everyone.

Risk of accident

Using the hoverboard requires great care if you are a beginner, to avoid the risk of falls and injuries. It is good to train before going fast, to know how to master the device well.

Overheating problems

According to many hoverboard users, this device tends to overheat. This happens when the hoverboard is equipped with a poor quality battery. However, you can avoid this type of problem by carefully choosing your hoverboard and reading a few reviews before you buy it. At Smart Balance, you will quickly find a selection of the best models, with Samsung or LG batteries, which will satisfy your requirements.

Restricted use

Despite the advantages of this means of transport, you cannot use it everywhere. There are certain restrictions in parks or also at certain airlines and transport companies. It is best to inquire if access is allowed with this device.

In short, the hoverboard is light, economical, and practical. However, like all other modes of transport, it can be dangerous and can cause injury. This can be avoided by purchasing a device that meets quality and safety standards and by using complete safety devices: helmet, armrests, knee pads. Finally, don’t forget to consider the maximum load borne by the device.