Let us face it, planning the perfect party for the holidays isn’t easy, and it certainly is not stress-free. However, there are actually helpful tips that you can follow to ensure that you have a great party and have little to no stress during the party planning. To help you achieve a stellar celebration and have no worries on your mind, here are 9 helpful tips to help you plan a stress-free holiday party.

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Skip the Chairs

Unless you are planning a very elaborate dinner, you might as well skip the tables especially if it is all appetizers and drinks. You want to keep the party moving by encouraging people to move from table to table to talk and mingle. This instantly makes the party Whatsapp Sad Statusmore lively.


Placing all the food and drinks in one area of your party venue can make it troublesome for your guests to get what they want. Make it convenient and flow smoothly by placing food and drink stations around your party.

The Bigger, the Better

No one wants to be cramped up in a tight venue where they bump into people constantly. Instead, you should opt for a venue that accommodates slightly more people than what you are expecting.

Good Food

A lot of people look at food as the star of the party. Make sure you get excellent catering northern VA to supply the food at your party. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about preparing the food either. If you are looking for good catering Northern VA, check out Saint Germain Catering.

Create a List

You don’t want to be rushing around from place to place and panicking because you forgot something. Make a clear list and make sure you put what times you are going to do the tasks to make sure everything is on time and ready.

A Variety of Drinks

Not everyone will want to drink the same things. There are people who will want to abstain from alcohol and some people may want to have mixed drinks. Make sure you have bottled water and sodas ready and have some coffee ready as well as alcoholic drinks for parties with adults.

Get Seasonal

It is a holiday party, right? Then you better make sure that the party suits the season. Get decorations to make the venue more festive and encourage your guests to follow a holiday-themed dress code for the party.

Play Music

What makes a party super awkward? No music or even worse, bad music or music that does not suit the mood of the party. You need to play some music that suits the party and vibe of people and is liked by many people.

Have a Signature Gift Wrapping Style

If you want the presents or loot bags that you present in your party to have more of an impact, have a signature wrapping style. You can get special wrapping paper or even have your own customized or have a specific color theme that is on your gifts.

By following these 9 useful tips, you will be able to have a worry free and amazing holiday party!

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