There is quite a bit of talk going on about many great Indian food delivery apps and the topic of discussion is mainly about the value-added benefits that one can get by becoming a member of one or the food apps. On the face of it, a good app is a place where you order food online, just like all the others, but as you do more and more research on this website, you begin to see the light. The options are virtually endless here.

Why order from TinyOwl?

Even when it comes to just TinyOwl food ordering, there are so many different ways you can do it. The range of restaurants that are featured here is quite immense. An app like this can be one that has actually tied up with most of these restaurants, which are mainly from every region of the country, and because of their collaboration they are able to provide privileges to their patrons, such as preferred coupons, a lower price, a better option on the menu (yes, even that) and so on!

How to order from TinyOwl?

To order from these restaurants listed on online food app, which are themed on different cuisines from all over the world, you need to become a registered member of the TinyOwl. You need to register and then you get your unique user ID. This ID can you used each time, you wish to order from TinyOwl. You can then specify your location in order to filter the search and display the restaurants in your vicinity. In fact, a good application will also give its privileged members, some loyalty discounts and offers.

How is TinyOwl Unique?

One more very interesting thing about TinyOwl food ordering is that they give you the details of the ingredients present in the food. This is especially helpful, just in case you are allergic to some ingredient. It is not entirely wrong to say that this is revolutionizing social networking for food lovers. This is a place where people can submit their reviews, pictures and all, and check out the reviews that are submitted by other people. There are hundreds of reviews already and the number is just growing. Whether it is Indian food or Chinese food or American food that panders to your palate, you can find all kinds of restaurants and there reviews here.

It is also possible for you to recommend a restaurant listed on the food delivery apps to a friend. You could discuss about it, write your review and, of course, read reviews that other people have written so that you know what to order.

There are some restaurants listed on the online food app that are open 24/7. So in case, if you are one of those night monsters, who wish to satiate there hunger at night can order from these restaurants. Moreover, there few dedicated restaurants that allow online food order only during the night hours. So, you can choose accordingly.

Final Words

So, what are you waiting for? Download Tinyowl, from your PlayStore and enjoy tasty and delicious meal being delivered to you in just few seconds. The application is compatible with all the mobile platforms like android, iOS, Windows, etc. Moreover, your online food order can be placed anytime, anywhere using this brilliant app on your smart phone. Don’t forget to check the app regularly to come across the huge range of discounts, coupons and referral cashback offered by them. Enjoy the meal!