ice cream

Ice cream themed parties are all the rage these days, as they offer a great alternative to the typical party setup. Among many things, everybody loves ice cream, and this theme is a way to get them engaged with the whole event and to keep them from getting bored during their stay. Ice cream parties are not just for kids, mind you; in fact, they can also be very enjoyable for people of all ages.

So how do you get make the most out of an ice cream themed party? If your ice cream cart is all set for the occasion (as well as everything you are using to kick off the party), then here are some extra tips that you may find handy:

  1. Offer ice cream in a variety of flavours

One of the key factors that make such parties a success is when you offer ice cream in different flavours. You may want to get a steady supply of ice cream in your chosen flavours, so that your guests are able to enjoy them all throughout.

Choosing which flavours to provide can be tricky. If the party does not require a particular motif, then you can provide any ice cream flavour you like. You may also want to do a survey with your target guests so that you are able to determine which variants to serve during the party. However, if you have other related ideas to your ice cream, then you may settle with the plain flavours of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla.

  1. Let them do their own toppings

Aside from a variety of ice cream flavours, you may also lay down an array of toppings in which the guests can mix and match on their own ice cream servings. These include nuts, chocolate morsels, candy sprinkles, rice crispies, marshmallows, and many other toppings.

Giving them these options allows your guests to be more creative in their ice cream. It is also an interactive approach in celebrating ice cream, and giving them the opportunity to do it on their own is a way of keeping them engaged in the party. At the end of the event, your guests will definitely cherish their time spent with you, as they not only enjoyed the party but also discovered something new about themselves.

  1. Bring in different ways of serving ice cream

Aside from toppings, you may also provide options in serving ice cream. Let your guests choose from different types of cones, cups, and even other means of devouring their ice cream. These include serving ice cream with a loaf of bread, or with crackers, or with a slice of pie, depending on the alternatives you have brought in. Indeed, this can be more expensive since you have to spend for these options, but if you can merge the ice cream add-ons with your catering service, then you may be able to bring the costs down.

  1. Host a mini workshop

If you are hosting a small party and would want to make it interactive, then you might as well host a mini ice cream workshop. No, this doesn’t involve making ice cream itself, but rather making your own ice cream flavour using the available toppings and add-ons. Rather than allowing your guests to do this as they please, you can dedicate a part of the party wherein they are given the opportunity to come up with their own version of ice cream servings, and then they can showcase their creations with the rest of the crowd. Your ice cream cart would then be pretty busy, as its main role would be providing the guests with the ice cream they need to participate.