Managing a restaurant smoothly is not a cakewalk. To keep the customer base constant and increasing by providing fast and efficient service is truly a hard task. Keeping track of the orders, ingredient stock, expense and cost, customer details, performance of the employees, payments-all these aspects can be a rigorous task if managed manually. But today Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) systems have brought about a dynamic change in restaurant business. These systems include different technologically updated devices that help the managers of cafes or restaurants to manage the rush of customers in a systematic way having a thorough look out on every aspect that must be taken into concern.

The point of sale systems provide the eateries with special software regulated devices like cash registers, order taking LED computer screens, tabletop tablets etc. These devices enable the customers to visit the restaurants and easily order food. The table tablets show the menu listing the food-items served under different categories like ‘starters’, ‘main course’, ‘beverages’, ‘dessert’ etc. By scrolling or sliding the screen customers can know the price and discounts on a particular food-item. There are options to put any specification regarding an order according to the customer’s wish.

The tablet table concept is an innovative one, providing the customers with an easy-to-order service. Customers can browse through the menu and click on the food item they want to have and the order shows in the kitchen screen along with an order number. As the food gets prepared, the kitchen person marks the order as  ‘done’ and the tablet shows the customers that the order is ready to be served. The customers can also pay through the payment gateways linked to the tablets and get their e-receipts through e-mail.

This system is now spreading world-wide as the customers experience a time-preserving, reliable, fast and easy method of food-ordering. There are much less human errors that occur, and the process is an uncomplicated one. The menu on the tablets can be customized, and the catalogue interface can be changed to bring a touch of diversity. Special discounts or combo offers can be highlighted. Managers can bring in more customers by offering payback or referral points, hence creating a vast customer pool. When waiting for the order to be prepared customers can read e-magazines, play online games or browse through global news websites.

Due to the effectiveness of POS systems today the food business is booming. The custom made cash-registers show the amount to be paid, the balance that the customers will get in return. The cash box is also linked to the system so that only when a transaction goes on by cash, it opens. At other times the cash box cannot be opened. Some systems are also linked to the accounts so that error less tax calculations comes in ready in the hand of the managers. In every possible way Point Of Sale systems for restaurants have changed the entire manually handled world of food-business into a more dynamic and machine regulated affair.