Vegetarian Who Likes Sweet Treats

Whilst you may shun meat from your diet, you may not want to give up sweet treats. Fortunately, you can go online and find several varieties to your liking. By making your selection online, you can read the ingredients listing and decide if the sweets you are considering meet your exact likes or preferences.


For example, affordable vegetarian sweets suppliers in London offer the following treats to vegetarian consumers:

  • Chocolate limes
  • Chocolate nibbles
  • Chocolate peanuts
  • Chocolate raisins
  • Cinnamon balls
  • Energy drops
  • Fruit and nuts mixtures
  • Mint imperials

Fruit and Nuts Mixtures

Many vegetarian customers like fruit and nuts mixtures as they provide a good deal of energy. Usually a mix is made up of peanuts, raisins, sultanas, pineapple, vegetable oil, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and Brazil nuts. The mixes also include cherries and sugar. If you happen to be allergic to nuts, this may not be the best product for you.

You can also choose cinnamon balls if you are partial to that particular flavour. Candies of this type are also represented by the following flavours:

  • Cola fizz balls
  • Lemonade fizz balls

Sugar-Free Candies

You can also choose candies that are sugar-free, some of which include the following:

  • Aniseed drops
  • Blackcurrant and liquorice
  • Butterdrops
  • Chocolate limes
  • Chocolate mints
  • Fruit drops
  • Fruit salad chews
  • Lemon sherbets
  • Liquorice toffees

Again, to make a selection, carefully review the ingredients and think about your own preferences. You can obtain all of the sweet treats you like at an affordable bulk price. Go online today and review the extensive offerings. You do not need to deprive yourself if you are seeking candy that will meet your dietary requirements.