If you’re one of those out there who makes use of a catering business to help take professional care of any type of event, then, this is not really for you.

And that’s because you will already have experience with these experts and know all about what a top catering firm can accomplish, by making any occasion into a truly memorable one.

However, if you’re someone who is in the dark about what catering services are all about, and what exactly it is that they do in fact do, then read on and learn.


You’ve probably already sampled their wares

If you have been fortunate enough to have gone to some kind of event such as a wedding, birthday, graduation or some other kind of occasion where there’s been a large number of people, then you will have seen people involved in the business of catering.

Remember the tables all neatly set out? The food which was brought out to all of the tables? The courses? The linen on the tables and the decorations? The people who brought you the food and drinks, and various others who were there to assist you with any of your needs?

All of that was a part of the catering industry, and what an industry it is!

Most of us know of the term “catering business,” but what precisely does that mean? There may be some folk out there who perhaps believe it also applies to that of fast food (junk food) restaurants and outlets, which is definitely not the case.

So, what is it all about then? Let’s take a little look:

Today’s contemporary catering business is made up of a wide range of companies who can provide various types of food, drinks and other kinds of services to a mixed number of clients, and typically for special events.

The work of a professional catering business in Dubai, can range from tending to small private, intimate meetings, all the way across the spectrum to large and even larger open gatherings which provide not just food and drink services, but also the likes of:

  • Tableware
  • Linen
  • Service crew
  • Music
  • Live singers and bands

Professional and popular catering services in Dubai, are both large and small and can offer a wide range of alternative foods such as regional, international, vegetarian or exclusive dietary types of food.

Size matters

The smaller kinds of dinners and banquets, we now have in today’s world, have become increasingly popular events for which the expert caterer can readily provide their professional services.

  • Events such as these may be laid on in someone’s home, a restaurant or some other outdoor more personal type of venue.

And there are also a number of folks out there who prefer having a personal caterer who is able to provide a superb private catering service, anytime when it is wished for.

  • In most cases, professional caterers are hired especially to cater for large events such as weddings, birthdays, family reunions and corporate events.

Specialist caterers are skilled at their art of working alongside large crowds of attendees and to the full requirements of their many corporate customers. Popular occasions such as those of company picnics, holiday celebrations and a whole range of other functions put on to accommodate clients and customers, are all expertly handled by these corporate catering specialists.

  • These well-established companies have contracts with particular caterers so that business executives are already aware of the high level and grade of service, plus expertise they will expect.

There are also various other services which come under the term “catering business”

A number of popular and renowned restaurants are also providing an additional outside catering component. There are some customers who know and appreciate a restaurant’s great food and service so much, that they then wish for the very same to be delivered at functions which they are going to be putting on.

In more than a few cases, some of these unique restaurants may even have an independent banquet zone for just this type of purpose, which will also provide professional staff, a choice of beautiful top quality linens, tables and chairs.

Along with working in the catering trade comes other specialised kinds of abilities which are also deemed necessary to make everything work out to perfection. Those are things such as:

  • The making out of often detailed schedules
  • The planning of various assorted and sometimes exclusive menus
  • The ordering of the occasional huge quantity of all required items
  • The interaction with different kind of vendors
  • And on top of all of that – being able to provide superb and memorable customer service!

All of these are vital components which have to be put into operation in this kind of business

The catering business is a busy business indeed!

And definitely not for those people out there who are not used to being highly active or others who are faint at heart! And although hospitality training can be learned in a number of specialised catering classes, (all of which will definitely become most useful later on in the catering business), it can also be picked up if one wants to get involved, in job training.

For those who wish to be a catering director

If you think you have what it takes to be a catering director, you will be responsible for managing every duty which is related to food services for different events. You will have to take charge of staff in taking care of every aspect of catering, as in food preparation and cleaning up.

  • A vital task for any catering director is making sure that there is enough food for all events.

You must be able to efficiently coordinate with all department heads and event planners so as to plan out the perfect menu for each and every event. If you are the kind of person who likes a bit of a challenge, then the catering trade is just for you!

Bon Appetit!