Famous as a nation of food lovers, Hong Kong is home to so many mouthwatering foods that are hard to resist.

With the best of Cantonese cuisine and the best foreign cultures have to offer incorporated in the mix, it’s easy to see why Hong Kong’s diverse and unique food culture has drawn locals and tourists alike as much as it’s impeccable nightlife and peerless shopping experience.

Also known as Asia’s culinary capital, Hong Kong provides superb food choices that are worth sampling while offering a fusion of flavors you can’t find anywhere else.

If you are visiting Hong Kong or if you pass by an HK cafe, check if you can sample some of Hong Kong’s finest:

Dim sum

For many tourists, a Hong Kong visit is never complete without sampling its incomparable and scrumptious dim sum. While your options are almost infinite, ha gao (steamed shrimp dumplings), au yok (minced and lightly seasoned meat balls), and cha siu bau (soft buns with barbecued pork inside) should make it to your must try list.

Always delectable and reasonably priced, it’s easy to find dim sum favorites in an HK cafe or a dim sum restaurant. Typically served in small plates or in little bamboo steamers, dim sum is best enjoyed with a pot of Chinese tea.

Egg Tarts

A trip to an HK cafe or a bakery is imperative if you want to get your hands on one of Hong Kong’s world-famous steaming egg tarts. Also known as the king of Hong Kong pastries, egg tarts have a buttery aroma that is just impossible to pass up on.

Its short crust pastry shell is filled with a delightful combination of egg custard and whipped egg whites. Sweet with just a little hint of saltiness, this Hong Kong favorite can surely satisfy your sweet cravings.


A term given to rice porridge, congee is a staple at breakfast and is also a favorite snack option throughout the day. With a base of fish stock providing this boiled rice soup a rich taste, it can also come with different fillings including minced pork, mushrooms, ginger, spring onions, and century egg.

Char Siu

The name given to barbecued pork, char siu are typically served as a meat platter or with noodles or rice. Crispy pork belly, red pork, and oily pork neck are considered favorites in most restaurants serving char siu.

The tasty smoky meat is marinated before cooked with honey, rice wine, soy sauce, and other seasonings. In contemporary Chinese restaurants, this scrumptious meat is served together with other elaborate dishes.

Beef Noodle Soup

If you are visiting Hong Kong, consider sampling their beef noodle soup. With the stewed beef gently boiled until it becomes flaky, this unique and tasty soup has a dark and rich broth. The soup is also served with Chinese cabbage and yellow egg noodles.

Hot Pot

This irresistible dish has so many delicious ingredients like thinly sliced fish, chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables. The hot pot’s broth can be meat-based or herb-based depending on your preference. Other ingredients like meatballs, noodles, and shellfish can also be added to the stock.

Roast Goose

Undoubtedly one of Hong Kong’s well-loved foods, it’s easy to spot restaurants that serve roast goose as the meat is usually hanged in the restaurant window for everyone to see.

Usually served chopped into bite-sized pieces, roast goose is also often served with blanched bok choi. The bok choi complements the crunchy texture and gives the dish a slightly bitter flavor. To ensure the meat remains tender, goose is often marinated in sesame oil and soy and cooked slowly.