Any way you look at it, the food industry has to be one of the largest sectors in any economy, anywhere in the world. Every day thousands of tons of food are consumed all across the world. While we all sit down to our lunch with a friend, or dinner with the family, we often do not even think about what it took to get the food from the source, to the supermarket, into your refrigerator and then prepared as your meal. Food changes through hundreds of hands before it comes to its final sale point and this means that along its way to your dinner table, it has the possibility of being exposed to pathogens, parasites and other nasty micro-organisms of the world of disease.

The problem with all of this chain of custody of foodstuffs is that it needs regulation and control to ensure that the food is tracked and handled appropriately the entire way through the process. Most large corporations already have systems and procedures in place to assist with quality control and hygiene in the workplace, but who is responsible for checking up on them and making sure that they are operating according to code? That’s where a food safety specialist comes into play.

Food safety specialists are trained in regulation and health procedures and have received a food safety certificate that enables them to operate in the industry and understand the benchmarks that need to be met by manufacturers and retailers. As they are nominated public officials, they act in the greater good of the public’s interest and they have no affiliation with any food suppliers or manufacturers or retailers, this enables them to keep a balanced, objective mind when assessing a situation. Whether it is making sure that storage and handling of food by the retailer, or making sure that the manufacturer is using best practices when it comes to slaughter and processing, the food safety technician is trained to look for the cracks in the system and then advise the company on how to change their operating procedures to meet the outlined code of conduct in the food safety industry.

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Studying and training for a food safety certificate is conducted by the department of health and they train all of their food safety technicians exactly the same way, making sure that they have a full understanding and working knowledge of the food industry all the way through the supply chain. The reason for this strenuous and thorough training in a food safety certificate is to produce technicians that not only have a complete understanding of the industry but also a good knowledge of how to rectify and solve issues that the manufacturer, logistics or retailer may be experiencing and then suggesting a correct course of action for the party to follow in order to bring the business back up to code. A food safety certificate is a must have if you are thinking of a career as a food safety technician, so register for the next course offered in your area!