worst enemies for liver health

We all know that the liver is a very important organ in our body, so it is also very important to take care of it.


Among some of the most significant:

  • At the digestive level , nausea, loss of appetite, gas, vertigo, constipation or vomiting
  • At the cutaneous level , yellowish complexion, oily skin, dandruff is very common and it is also possible that alopecia occurs
  • At the metabolic level , tiredness, migraines or headaches, headache, blurred vision problems

Increased allergy symptoms

Liver problems are closely related to gallbladder problems. When one is overloaded or works worse, so is the other.


Insane customs significantly affect liver health you can use Turmeric Curcumin and consequently the entire body.

As the liver has an important function of filtering toxins, if we are going to accumulate a lot, it will become overloaded.

It will also cost you more to digest fats when the content is very high or even when they have to be burned faster.

  1. High content of sugars in the diet:

Especially simple sugars, the liver regulate both fats and sugars. If we eat a lot of cakes, sweets, chocolates and all those white sugars that we already know, it will somehow strain the liver.

Here we should not forget about sauces in which there is a high sugar content such as ketchup, barbecue sauces and others.

Sugar is stored in liver cells, if there is too much, they become saturated.

  1. High fat content in the diet:

As I have said before, the liver is fully involved in the digestion of sugars and fats, for example:

– Sausages, stews, dishes with many sauces, butter, animal fat such as saturated ones …

– Very strong and fatty cheeses.

– Industrial foods that contain many additives, in short, will make the liver work more.

  1. Very drastic weight loss diets:

When we stop eating very drastically, our body will use fat reserves or accumulations for energy, which causes a change in metabolism.

In this metabolism change, the liver has to burn fat from the liver cells, so if it is very drastic or for a long time, these liver cells are attacked.

Also when exercising very intensely we can cause liver inflammation.

  1. Excess alcohol:

It is known to everyone that one of the main enemies of the liver is alcohol and its excess.

When we talk about excess alcohol, it is more than two daily for a woman and more than three daily for a man.

In fact, alcohol is quintessential hepato-toxic, since when alcohol is drunk, the liver must break it down by chemical reactions, and these force liver cells.

When there is chronic alcoholism, irreparable damage to the body can occur, such as cirrhosis, liver dysfunction and can even cause cancer in the longer term.

  1. Some over-the-counter medications:

By mentioning these medications, I am not referring to a misuse of medications that have not been prescribed, but rather an abuse of some medications that are sold over the counter but that overdose can cause liver damage, such as inflammation of the liver.

The medications I am referring to are acetaminophen or ibuprofen.  By themselves they are not negative, but they are when taken daily or in large quantities. For the same reason that I mentioned before, if the liver must filter these substances, it will also have to metabolize them. The chemical reactions that are necessary can damage the liver to liver failure.

That is why it is not advisable to take these drugs more than 5 days in a row without control or at high dosages, more than those recommended in the package leaflets.

Some medications, especially some hormones and anabolics, can affect and cause liver damage.

  1. Diet with high salt content:

If the diet is high in salt, it causes an increase in blood pressure and can also cause what is called fatty liver due to the water retention it produces.

  1. Smoking:

Although it does not cause direct damage to liver function, the chemical components that make up cigarettes are toxins, and smoking produces oxidative stress and free radicals, which in the long term produces damage to liver function.

The elimination of these toxins supposes an over effort for the liver.

  1. Lack of sleep:

It seems surprising, but not sleeping can cause liver damage by causing oxidative stress on the liver.

When you do not get enough sleep, it is more difficult for the liver to metabolize and digest dietary fats correctly and they accumulate in liver cells, which is another reason why sleeping too little often makes you fat.


Simply by eliminating the actions that can cause liver damage. It is an easy way to preserve this function

Increase the content of foods rich in sulfur and lecithin, such as garlic, onion, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. And with high lecithin content: egg yolks, legumes, sprouts and fish

Reduce the content of simple sugars.  It is preferable to eliminate them or change them for others of slow absorption, such as nuts, legumes and brown rice

Eliminate industrial foods high in salt, additives, preservatives and artificial sweeteners from the diet

If we want to lose weight, do it in a logical and healthy way, not drastic and unhealthy diets , a balanced diet and exercise is preferable

Do not take iron supplements unless they have actually been prescribed by the doctor , since when the liver is not fully functioning iron can become a toxin. Likewise, a high content of liver iron can feed bacteria and cause infections. However, in a healthy liver, a multivitamin supplement containing iron is correct.

Add fresh foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, which are rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin C, E, zinc and selenium, to your diet

Vitamin B12: When there is a deficiency of vitamin B12, the liver is affected by its proper functioning in order to properly secrete bile. Some of the foods that contain vitamin B are effective in helping to detoxify the liver, such as nuts, poultry, fish or egg yolk.

Before taking any medicine, even over the counter, it is preferable to read the package leaflet and check the correct doses and possible damage.


Sometimes in addition to following healthy guidelines to preserve liver health, it is necessary to take a supplement that can help deflate or discharge the liver, reducing the symptoms we feel


This is one of the plants that is most used to detoxify the liver. Burdock in addition to detoxifying, helps restore liver function and protect it. It has a high antioxidant capacity.


CARE-FOR-THE-LIVER We uses the root of this plant that helps cleanse the liver and treat gallbladder problems. The components of the root stimulate the production of bile and thus also improve the digestion of food. So it “takes away” some work from the liver, making it more effective and eliminating toxins more quickly. Furthermore, it is hepatoprotective.

If we want to take it, the ideal is the decoction better than the infusion. This means that we must cook the roots for 20 minutes or so.

Subsequently, let it rest for 10 minutes or so and drink the filtered water.