chicken corners of Des Moines

Chicken is something with which endless dishes can be made. From fried recipes to side recipes, chicken can be a delicious ingredient to all.

In order to taste some delicious preparation here are some chicken restaurants in Des Moines.

Buffalo Wild Wings

They are very popular for its delicious chicken meals and not only locals but the tourists who come to visit Des Moines also love to have their food. They are serving in the city since 1982. They have wide spread menu that includes chicken burgers, chicken wings, sandwiches, chicken wraps, salads and sides along with some lovely drinks and delicious platter of desserts. They have a great food quality and the ambience inside the restaurant is also very nice and cosy. People love to spend some time here with beer and chicken wings. They also have a bug screen where one can watch some exciting matches. The food is great and the price for it is totally worth it.

Champs Chicken

It is another chicken restaurant in Des Moines which is very popular and not only here but it is popular in the entire US. They have around 14 thousand brands all across the 38 states and they are very rapidly growing fried chicken restaurant chain. They have a variety menu apart from chicken fries. One can also try their tender and shrimp, pork tenderloin, potato wedges, hushpuppies along with the cocktail sauces. A lot of people visit this food joint on a regular basis and they have a high selling rate.


This chicken restaurant is very famous in Des Moines. Not only locals but the tourists also visit to taste their chicken dishes, such is the craze of this place. They have a unique menu with some unconventional chicken dishes which can be a treat to the taste buds. This local chicken restaurant was formed in the year 1972 and they are famous for their New Orlean style chicken. Now they have a wide variety menu with seafood items, tender chicken, wraps, sandwiches, desserts and drinks. They have a very friendly and courteous staff and they serve fresh food. One can spend a great time here with their family.

The Chicken

It is very much recommended chicken restaurant in Des Moines. They have a great menu when it comes to delicious chicken meals. They have a very casual and roadside setting. They are located in the metro part of Des Moines and one can visit them at any point of the day. When one is there, they must try grilled buffalo chicken salad, Nashville hot boneless fried chicken, roasted chicken, Californian BBQ chicken pizza, sundae, desserts and soft drinks. They also offer craft style beer that one must taste.

This has become a well known chicken joint nit only in US but in other parts of the world as well. They are popular for their fried chicken fingers.

These are the worth mentioning chicken restaurants in Des Moines iowa that one must try when they are here.